In our first ever interview, we sit down with the Sr. VP at OpenDor Media, Noam Weissman. OpenDor is the leader in online Jewish Education and the folks behind the Unpacked YouTube channel. Noam provided insights on modern day challenges of Jewish Education, the differences between Educating and Advocating, the brand shift from JerusalemU to OpenDor, and the significance of having a strong Jewish Identity.

 – 00:0001:45 Intro 01:4604:01 Who is Noam Weissman 04:0207:20 What is OpenDor Media 07:2211:10 Challenges in Reaching the Target Generation  11:1116:54 Role of Politics in Education  16:5521:51 Unpacking Unpacked 25:1829:55 From Jerusalem U to OpenDor 29:5734:01 Advocacy v. Education 34:0239:20 Podcasters talking Podcasting 39:2143:19 Our Jewish Identity  43:2045:50 Advice for the Future

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