A bevy of segments and an interview – a first for the two tall Jews. We chat about Mark Twain’s “Concerning the Jews”, Rav Kook’s Impact on Zionism, Religiosity & Zionism, Importance of Being Resilient as a Jew, Munich Massacre, 48 Years Later, Pnina Tamano-Shata’s (Israel’s First Ethiopian Cabinet Member) Impact, and the Lone Soldier Program in Israel.  

On today’s episode we sat down to interview Rabbi Pinchas Landis, Director at Partners in Torah Cleveland. Rabbi Landis is a dynamic and fascinating speaker and teacher, specializing in the areas of Jewish Inspiration and Jewish History. Rabbi Landis is also very active on Instagram where he posts a daily occurrences in Jewish history corresponding to the Hebrew calendar through his account @rabbipll. He is the host of three podcasts: Today in Jewish History, Rabbis… Podcast, and Back to the Past.

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