Episode 8 of the Two Tall Jews Show produced by the On This Day in Jewish History Instagram account is brought to you by Best Shot Productions. – On this week’s episode, The Two Tall Jews sit with two medium sized Jews from Canada: Sam Karl and Rae Austin, hosts of the Diaspora Radio Podcast. The Diaspora Radio is a podcast devoted to discussing all things Jews and Zionist and on this week’s episode – that’s exactly what we did.  

Who is the Diaspora Radio? – 00:1900:37

DR’s Story – 01:363:15

Where to find the Diaspora Radio – 04:1005:48

What is the Diaspora? – 05:5107:10

Nuance Time – 07:1109:34

IG Page v. Podcast Content – 09:3612:18

New State Solution Pt. 2 – 12:1915:59

Jewish Education v. Advocacy – 16:0018:14

Jewish Identity in the Diaspora – 18:1525:46

Antisemitism of the Word Itself – 26:5431:25

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