What is the Miracle of Purim?

As a result of everything that had occurred to the Jews – facing down the threat of genocide and being saved through fasting, prayer, and decisive action by Esther and Mordechai – they decided to recognize that this entire saga had been filled with hidden miracles from G-d.

So, Jews in every generation, everywhere, commemorate these days as a holiday called Purim (meaning “lots” since lots were cast to see what day we would be exterminated). Mordechai and Esther chose to write down the entire story of Purim without outwardly mentioning G-d’s name because at no point during the events of Purim were the miracles out in the open.

Take today as a moment to reflect on all that we have and all that we are given. Recognize the Root Source of all Good things and celebrate throughout.

Purim Sameach! Wishing you a joyous, safe, and meaningful Purim 5784 👑🍷🎭

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