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The Secret of Purim: Remembering Amalek and Embracing Hidden Miracles

This week, as we approach Purim, we read “זכור” – “Remember,” reflecting on the battle against Amalek and the importance of collective memory in Jewish history. Rabbi Sacks z”l teaches that our history is not in documents but in memories, particularly highlighted during Purim when we recall Haman’s Amalekite lineage and our ongoing struggle. Purim symbolizes the unseen miracles and divine presence in our lives, emphasized by Esther and Mordechai’s story, which teaches us to find divine balance in chaos and the hidden. This Purim, we’re reminded of the power of faith, memory, and our choices in the face of challenges.

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José Aboulker: The Unsung Hero of WWII’s North African Resistance

The tale of José Aboulker’s resistance in WWII’s Vichy Algeria is a testament to strategic brilliance and courage. Leading an effective resistance movement that played a crucial role in the Allies’ North African campaign, Aboulker’s story is an inspiring yet often overlooked chapter of Jewish resistance during the war.

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