Commemorating Sigd: Ancient Ethiopian Jewish Tradition in 5781

Historical Journey: From Cheshvan 29, 5781

The end of the Jewish month of Cheshvan in the year 5781, marked another annual celebration of the Ethiopian Jewish holiday, Sigd. The commencement of this ancient tradition was signaled as the sun set, illuminating a day of global Jewish unity. Relive the moment here.

Sigd: A Bonding Thread in Jewish Culture

Originally a significant part of the Beta Israel community’s heritage, Sigd has transcended boundaries to become observed by Jews outside of this community. Nowadays, it has been recognized as a national holiday in Israel.

The Significance of Sigd in Jewish Tradition

Sigd commemorates the 50-day mark since Yom Kippur, and it serves as a symbolic reaffirmation of the worldwide Jewish yearning for return to Israel and Jerusalem. As we gather to honor Sigd, we extend our heartfelt wishes for an easy and meaningful fast for those participating. As the saying goes, next year in Jerusalem!

Join the Celebration of Sigd

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