Celebrating Tu BiShvat: The Jewish New Year for Trees

On this day in Jewish history, Shvat 15, 5781, we celebrate the Jewish New Year for Trees, known as Tu BiShvat. This holiday reminds us of the essential connection between Judaism and the environment. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKmRdEsrHsD/

A Glimpse into the Origins of Tu BiShvat

To better understand the significance of Tu BiShvat, it is important to revisit its roots. Check out the original post from Co-Founder @jewishistoryguy that delves into the history and traditions of this important holiday.

Practical Approaches to Observing Tu BiShvat

For a more practical approach to observing the Jewish New Year for Trees, visit @jewishpridealways. Learn about the customs and rituals associated with this day, which emphasize gratitude for nature and the importance of environmental stewardship.

Discover More About Tu BiShvat

Swipe to learn more about Tu BiShvat and how it relates to Jewish history, agriculture, and environmental consciousness.

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Original post and information by: @jewishistoryguy

Practical approaches to observing Tu BiShvat provided by: @jewishpridealways