Our good friend Eliyahu Pereira from Two Chassids in a Pod & The Alshech Academy joined us to discuss different spiritual efforts that can be made to help the Jewish people and Israel in this difficult time of war.

Eliyahu is raising money to cook and deliver premium Shabbat food for our soldiers stationed on the northern border with Lebanon. Details to donate below! 👇🏽
Our boys defending us on the frontlines need Shabbat food!
Last week @elio47kitov sat with us to speak about the situation in Israel, how to respond spiritually and efforts to give the soldiers on the Lebanese front proper Shabbat food.
There are multiple ways to send the money:
Wise App (better than PayPal)
PayPal (takes very long) account is egsp47@gmail.com
US bank transfer:
Bank name: MT Bank
Address: 66 Route 59 Money NY 10952
Routing :022-000046
Education Account: 988-436-6346
Israeli Bank:
Eliyahu Pereira
Leumi – 904

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