On the 5781 Pesach Special we are humbled to be joined by Rabbi Daniel Bortz aka @millennialrabbi. He is the host of the “Beneath the Surface” podcast (also the title of his book you can find on Amazon), founder of Jteen of San Diego, an organization dedicated to educating and empowering teenagers, and then created SOUL X, an organization offering experiential events for adults to foster deep soul connection. Rabbi Bortz is truly a Millennial Rabbi – he loves sports and music, practices Brazilian “Jew” Jitsu, and lives everyday with the mission of infusing ancient Jewish wisdom with today’s culture, viewing every moment as an opportunity for personal growth and the elevation of our surroundings for a greater Divine purpose.  In this episode we talked to Rabbi Daniel Bortz about his story in the social media game, future of online Jewish education, What is Pesach all about?, How can we all feel as if we, ourselves are, “leaving Egypt”? and internalizing the trust essence of Freedom during this particular Time of Freedom.

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