On today’s show we are pleased to have Rick Richman. Mr. Richman is a writer and author who has frequently penned pieces for such publications as  the New York Sun, the Jewish Press and Commentary,  to name a view. He is the author of Racing Against History: The 1940 Campaign for a Jewish Army to FIght Hitler and in 2003 starting his own blog Jewish Current Issues, articles essays, books and comments relating to Current Jewish issues. His most recent book, And None Shall Make Them Afraid: Eight Stories of the Modern State of Israel, shed’s light on the life and accomplishments of 8 different Jews half of whom hail from Europe and the United States, recounting the trials and tribulations of their faith and fight to reclaim the Jewish spirit. A scholar of many hats who speaks with a singular voice and possesses an acute understanding of the relationship between history and memory,  Rick Richman sheds light on the historical intersections of Zionism and Americanism one figure at a time.

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