Brooke is a lawyer, author and human rights activist. In this episode, we break down the recent spate of violence both in Israel and on Jews around the world while trying to understand where it’s coming from and what we can do to properly act on moving forward.

Born and raised in Toronto, Brooke received her undergraduate degree from McGill and her law degree from Cardozo. In 2010, Brooke founded the Lawfare Project, a nonprofit legal organization and think tank for which she serves as Executive Director, dedicated to the protection of Jewish and Zionist communities all over the world. As a litigation fund, the Lawfare project provides financial backing to protect free speech and civil rights by applying challenges to discrimination and antisemitism experienced by Jews. She also heads the #EndJewHartred grassroots movement that helps Jews and allies anywhere demand direct consequences for blatant discrimination and hatred of Jews – a main topic of this conversation.

In 2011 Brooke co authored the book Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech: A First Amendment Guide for Reporting in an Age of Islamist Lawfare which serves as guide for journalists to combat the weaponization of the law in an effort to silence writers who speak out against Islamist militancy.

A driven legal scholar whose grandfather battled the Nazis as a Polish Partisan against the tyranny of Hitler’s Europe, Brooke Goldstein has dedicated her life to helping oppressed Jews everywhere, giving voice to the forgotten. Whether its aiding in the humanity of Palestinian teenagers or fighting the discriminatory label of Israeli products in France, Brooke is on the front lines. Whether its in the courtroom, in print, or on-screen, railing against the world of Jewish hatred one case at a time.

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