On This Day in Jewish History: May 24th, 1941.



Bob Dylan turns 79. Born Robert Zimmerman (Shabtai Zissel) in Hibbing, Minnesota. Dylan was a cultural disciple of Woody Guthrie and wrote countless folk classics that revolutionized rock ‘n roll and shaped the political and cultural politics of the sixties. .

Often regarded as America’s greatest poet, Dylan wrote hit songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “Like a Rolling Stone” which inspired the title of Rolling Stone magazine. . .

In 2016, Dylan was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature for his contributions to the great American songbook, becoming the first musician in its history to receive the prize. Dylan has lived the past thirty years on the road, traveling on what has been called “The Never Ending Tour” which began on June 7, 1988 and has continued to this day. Since then, Dylan and his band have played some three thousand shows all over the world. .




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