The Two Tall Jews and On This Day in Jewish History have begun our first book club! Check out our discussion of part 3 featuring the book’s editor, Jake Zebede who shared some BTS in the making of the biography – particularly many of the thought processes, experience with the author, and why the unique structure of the book that isn’t linear (as most biographies are). In this discussion, we went over the Rebbe’s 7 Virtues:

Love Your Neighbor: Focus on the Individual
Creating Fearlessness, Creating Leaders
Optimism and the Careful Choosing of Words
“I’m Also Tired. So What?”: The Rebbe’s Work Ethic
Expressing Disagreement Without Being Disagreeable
Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Now
Judaism’s Mission to the World: Spreading Light & Oneness 

First on our list is the latest biography on Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed and righteous memory. Every other week, we aim to share clips of our recaps of each part as we read this incredible and meaningful book together. 

At the same time, we have a small group of people who have joined us in reading this book together. Every other Sunday evening, we meet for about 30-45 minutes over a private Zoom to discuss the latest part of the book. 

If interested in joining us, send us a DM and we’ll add you to the guest list!  

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If you’re unable to read the allotted amount by the time we have our call, that’s what these recaps will be for!   

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