Margot Touitou is probably everything you are not. She’s a Jewish-American-Israeli comedian, writer, and digital director based out of Tel Aviv where she currently works at a tech startup.

You probably know her by her Instagram and TikTok handle: @margot2e2 where she has a combined number of well over 10K followers w/ pretty funny (& meaningful) content too. 

She lives in Tel Aviv, Israel although she hails from Denver. Margot is the host of the podcast “Kiss and Tel Aviv”: the first and only podcast about dating, sex, and relationships in the Nonstop City of Tel Aviv.

Some topics we covered in this chat: 

Behind the scenes into Margot’s creative process
Being Jewish online (particularly TikTok)
Worst Piece of Advice Given About Moving to Israel
3 Things Margot Would Change if She Were Prime Minister Tomorrow
Antisemitism in 2021

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