On today’s show we are privileged to have world renowned Historian, linguist and scholar Dovid Katz, whose list of accomplishments would take the duration of this podcast to complete.

Dr. Katz was born and raised in Brooklyn. From 1978-1997 Dr. Katz taught Yiddish at Oxford University where he founded and led Oxford’s Yiddish studies program.

In 2001 he served as the Co-Founder and Director of Research, Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University and from 1999-2010, as Professor of Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture. Since its founding in 2009 he has operated and edited DefendingHistory.com, a newsletter, journal and historical outlet which seeks to preserve the memory of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe by combating its denial and distortion by individuals and governments.

You can check out Dr. Katz’s work at his website Defending History and over on his main site, DovidKatz.net

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