On today’s episode we are pleased to have comedian and actor Wil Sylvince. Wil is a veteran of the New York comedy scene who has opened for the likes of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle and has performed on HBO, Comedy Central and Showtime.

A contributor to “Chappelle’s Show” and Daman Wayan’s “The Underground”, Wil hails from Brooklyn who remembers a New York that preceded frozen yogurt shops, banks and barista booming cafes. He has come to rein supreme, a comedic symbol of a bygone era who has come to reign supreme as an entertainer whose impersonations, quick wit and timing transcend the gentrified undercurrents of his audiences.

He is also a longtime comic and emcee at the Comedy Cellar, located in the heart of Greenwich Village. When he is not touring the country or appearing in films, sketch comedy shows or co-hosting the Laugh Button’s “Talk Clearyler” podcast with fellow colleague and comedian Cipha Sounds, Wil can be found holding down center court at the Comedy Cellar, revving up the most energetic basement in the village, one joke at a time.

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