Today is an incredibly special special: The Lag Ba’Omer Special featuring Avidan and Elio, aka the Two Chassids from Two Chassids in a Pod, live from Tzfat, Israel.

Aside from being a minor yet important and fun Jewish holiday, Lag Baomer has ane extra extra special special significance for the Two Tall Jews Show as Lag Ba’Omer marks the anniversary of our project: On This Day in Jewish History from which our podcast emerged. I guess you could say with confidence that a bonfire was lit on Lag Baomer 5780 that is still very much lit with a lot more wood on the pile.

For those that know a little bit about the story of Lag Ba’Omer, they’ll know that the holiday actually finds its roots in this very holy city that Avidan and Elio are talking to us from today. More on this special day to come in our interview

Avidan and Elio both of grew up in the West and made Aliyah to Israel. They are both on a spiritual journey based on Torah principles growth. Broadcasting from the mystical city of Tzfat, Israel.

The Two Chassids are here to share thoughts, speak to interesting people, and spread the light of Hashem and the Tzadikim!

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