On today’s show we are very pleased to have Noah Zimmerman, founder and operator of the Instagram page Old Jewish Men (@oldjewishmen). If you’re wondering why this page exists and more importantly, how it became so f*****g funny, you’re about to find out.

Zimmerman’s content, which ranges from borderline barbaric to beautifully bizarre, spans a wide continuum, casting the spotlight on older Jewish men and for a brief moment, turning their anonymity into celebrity. In addition to breaking Jewish news, creating Jewish memes and commenting on the lives of famous Jews, the page is famous for its daily content which includes the frequent poll question, “OJM or not OJM” as well as its signature Ralph Lifshitz apparel. 

Much of its story content is narrated by Zimmerman, who’s legendary Old Jewish Man impersonation serves as a humorous reminder of how all of us remember our Jewish grandfathers, with a bit of shtetl, war veteran, and Brooklyn sprinkled in between. With over 55K followers it is a page that emphasizes the perks of aging Jewish, Noah Zimmerman has headed the call, creating content which combines the humor and Hebraic in ageing New York Jews.

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