On today’s show, we are very excited to introduce a new guest to the pod: Rabbi Pynchas Brener. Rabbi Brener is formerly the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Venezuela, he received his BA in Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshiva University, masters from Columbia and PHD from Bar Ilan in Israel.

Born in Poland in 1931, he moved with his family to Peru at a very young age. Rabbi Brener is the author of various books on Jewish philosophy, written in Spanish and is currently the host of a Torah learning YouTube channel called “Cafe con Fe”, or in English, “Coffee and Faith”. 

Finally, in August of 2019, Rabbi Brener was appointed the official envoy for the disputed government of Venezuelan president Juan Guiado although neither country has held diplomatic relations since 2009.

You can find all of his published content at his website here. Check out his YouTube channel, Cafe con Fe, here

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